We have contracts with Merck and Sanofi Pasteur. Our national contracted pricing is based on our members purchasing Merck and Sanofi Pasteur vaccines.
All vaccines supplied by Merck and Sanofi are available for you to purchase including flu and travel vaccines.Effective January 1, 2019, IPS will offer contracted pricing on Pfizer's Trumenba.
There are no monthly minimum quantities to order. You receive the IPS discounted price regardless of the number of brands or doses ordered.
There are no initial fees to join or monthly membership fees. Your membership is completely voluntary and there are no long term contracts.
Yes! In addition to our low contracted pricing, any pharmaceutical promotions offering additional discounts throughout the year are additional savings for our members
Yes! You are able to purchase vaccines either directly through Merck, Sanofi and Pfizer or online at www.vaccineshoppe.com.
One order, one invoice, one shipment!
All discounts are given at the time of the order and show immediately on the individual invoices. There is no waiting and no volume requirements to receive the discount. This allows for better cash flow for your practice!
Yes! At IPS, we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer service to every practice, every time. Our goal is to have all calls answered by a live person; of course, at times that may not be possible and then you will receive a return call within 1 business day.
Yes! We are pleased to announce that IPS offers our practices even more added value! Take advantage of our great discounts on Med/Surg Supplies and Injectables for your clinic when you order them through www.vaccineshoppe.com.
We also offer discounted Office Supplies at Staples on line through www.staplesadvantage.com.
And now, IPS offers our members complimentary practice analyses, including coding and chart audits, compliance reviews, EMR selection and more through our parent companies, MTBC and MTBC Health, Inc.
There is none! Because of our large physician membership, IPS can negotiate discount pricing for our members that may otherwise not be available to them. Come join us and see what IPS can do for you!